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Like an Open Book

A couple weeks ago, when we filmed the pancake episode of Cooking with Gandalf (watch it HERE!) with all the boys, the group of us had something of a “gossip night.” By that, I mean to say that me, Ellen, and the boys sat in our living room, ate pancakes, and talked about our romantic lives. Past girlfriends/boyfriends, crazy love stories, etc. The whole she-bang. It was doubly funny because it was between Ellen and me and four straight guys, but I guess it’s unfair of me to have expected anything different. Continue reading “Like an Open Book”

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Double Trouble

So remember when I wrote that post about two years ago in which I lamented the fact that I had recently discovered I wore a D cup bra? That post was charmingly titled “Cups” and remains one of my most popular posts. The ninth most popular of all time, according to my stats, behind the home page (duh), my VidCon recap, my curly hair tutorial, my NYU application answers, and the post about Zac Efron looking like Kevin Zegers. Got it. The internet likes boobies, YouTube, hair tutorials, sarcasm, and Zefron. I am your humble servant, internet. More about boobies after the jump: Continue reading “Double Trouble”

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What goes into Cooking with Gandalf

Because we’re already knee deep into the second season of Cooking with Gandalf (a playlist of ALL videos from this show can be viewed HERE), I thought I’d briefly talk to you about what ACTUALLY goes into each episode. It seems really off-the-cuff and simple, but the process in which one episode is produced is pretty long and arduous. But worth it, right? Continue reading “What goes into Cooking with Gandalf”

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[Day 9] Naturally Curious

Two years ago, standing in the sophomore hall of our high school, my friends and I found a folded note on top of the fire Photo 265extinguisher. The paper was a bright yellow and inside, there was some text and handwriting both. The text read: What’s YOUR secret? Write down one of your school-appropriate secrets that not many know for the yearbook. If you feel comfortable, you can write your name. If not, that’s ok too. Thanks! The person who was given this slip of paper wrote something profane that I won’t repeat but had to do with… relations with another student that we all knew. Continue reading “[Day 9] Naturally Curious”

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[Day 8] Gosh I’m Supportive

Photo 171My brother had some pretty bad luck as a baby. Not only was his hip out of place so he had to wear a giant cast for the first several months of his life, but he was also lactose intolerant and allergic to nuts of all caliber. We found the last two things out because he had red, irritated patches all over him and we found out that through my mom’s milk he was being exposed to things that we were unaware he was allergic to. Continue reading “[Day 8] Gosh I’m Supportive”

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[Day 5] I was a creepy middle-schooler

Dear Liam Aiken,

I am a senior in high school in a town of no consequence in Colorado. On August 19th of this year, I started a year-long blog project entitled “365 Days of Bri” to rediscover myself. I’ll add the details at the end of this letter, but for now I’ll just explain your part. Every day of the week I have a different task to do, at once I’ve completed it I have to write about the experience in the blog. On Sundays like today, my task is to write a thank you letter to someone I’ve never met. For reasons I will explain shortly, you made the most sense to start off with.liamcopy Continue reading “[Day 5] I was a creepy middle-schooler”