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Dreaming with both eyes open.

So im back again. This is Scorch only name changed and a new password after checking my 50 old email address’s for a email about resetting my password.

Im officially back for good for the last time; i know its hard to believe but i did finally catchup all my homework. So im back. And blogging up the site.

Here is something i worked on tonight. (*Checks Watch*) Erm today…

Like ive put so many times…. i hate making hair in photoshop

Oops i just realized i broke the rules. . .sorta.
Well uhm… i read about how to make hair in Photoshop from a book; it wasnt very nice and had boring descriptions. The overall plot was terrible and i couldnt seem to get a feel for the characters…

Excerpt from the book (dramatized)
“So take the Brush tool and hit F5 to open the properties and change the layer smoothing to….”

I would not recommend this book.

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Break it down!

Some people (ok, one person) have expressed an interest in how I do my drawings, so I decided to upload all the layers and show you. This is all done in Photoshop Elements 4.0

First I start with a basic skeleton sketch to get an idea of how the girl will be proportioned. This is my first layer.

Next I make a new layer and trace over the skeleton (the new layer is so if I mess up I don’t accidentally erase part of the skeleton) and make my outline. I add details like the hair outline and clothing.

Now I duplicate that layer so, again, if I mess up, the original isn’t damaged, and color it in, adding skin color, hair details, facial features, and patterns to the clothing. This step takes the longest, because I am constantly tweaking the body, shading, and re-drawing things.

This used to be where I stopped, but last night I decided that I wanted her to have a background, so first I just draw a bunch of grey rectangles and use some effects in photoshop to make them look less fake. But it’s still a drawing, so eh. This is also a new layer, so I can place my girl on top of it. Then I draw the sky, which is a new layer as well, this being so I can draw the stars in it without worrying about getting it all over the buildings.

And now we’re done! Click here for the link to the finished drawing.