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Greasers and Socs: In the real world

Now, the words I use to describe my live as I know it, Socs and Greasers, may be a little dramatic. No, the “Greasers” don’t smoke, they don’t live in junky trailer parks together, and the “Socs” don’t throw beer lasts and beat “Greasers” up, -yet. But the main ideas of the two words, popularity and status, tie in with my life. Actually, it really only ties in with how my school is run. Not how the teachers run it, but how the student body runs it. So the blueprints are laid out like this:

Popular (Soc)- Cheerleader, football player, jock,

friends fall from the sky.

Semi-Popular- Friends of Socs, cousins, siblings,

large cliques of friends.

Wanna-Be-Popular- Distant relatives of Socs, tag-alongs,

smaller groups of friends.

Don’t-Care- Unpopular, plain, ordinary people,

few friends.

Unpopular (Greaser)- Nerdy, geeky, ignored, shunned

one or two friends.

Drifter- Floats from one group to the next, has one to two friends

in each group.

I fall in the “Don’t-Care” category. I am almost a Greaser, and sometimes I am. But I don’t think we should separate ourselves and group as these things, it’s almost as if we’re different species. I believe that we should all be equal, and status shouldn’t matter. I mean, honestly people, the only thing that separates us is our looks and athletic abilities. Stop judging our books by their covers, because the pages are pretty interesting.


I am using the terms that come from a book called “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. Check it out…and you’ll get my meaning of this piece a lot better.

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