Bri 2.0

Bri’s adventure of rediscovering herself from 2010. This page serves as an archive for what the fuck I was doing.

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From August 19, 2009, to August 19, 2010, I will embark on an adventure of discovery, and document it all right here.

Every Wednesday, I will try something new.

Every Thursday, I will give something away do something nice for someone else.

Every Friday, I will write about a person in my life and why they’re important.

Every Saturday, I will post a video about something.

Every Sunday, I will write a thank you letter to someone I have never met.

Every Monday, I will write a story about my past.

Every Tuesday, I will write about something good that happened to me that day.

*5/16/10 UPDATE!* With 92 days left in this incredibly difficult project, I’ve kind of drifted away from this structured schedule and have been just randomly blogging. I hope that’s ok with you.

THEME WEEKS (I liked them so much I decided to make it easier for you to find them)

Teeshirt week, June 2nd -June 8th

Russel’s Teapot

Owl City


Boys Like Girls


Science Fiction


Book Characters I Love And Am Meant To Be With Week, June 13th- June 19th

Harry Potter

Ron Weasley

Charlie Weasley

Charlie Banks

Edward Cullen


Nick Carroway

Marooned Week, June 21st- 27th





Keep me warm



Surviving High School Week, June 29th-July 5th


Taking notes

Writing Utensils

Seating Choice


Study Hall

Clubs/appearance guide

Books that changed my life week, July 7th-July 13th

Harry Potter

Alanna the Lioness

A Great and Terrible Beauty

Nancy Drew

The Stranger

The Thief Lord

Strega Nona

How To Week, July 25th-July 31st

HOW TO: not make friends

HOW TO: do minimal work while babysitting

HOW TO: manage curly hair

HOW TO: deal with bullies

HOW TO: write a book in a year

HOW TO: be attractive

HOW TO: argue efficiently

Story Start Week, August 3rd-August 9th

Burden of Proof

Lawn Care


Life Number 2




*FINAL WEEK* August 13th-August 19th

7 things I learned about friendship

6 things I learned from high school

5 things I learned about relationships

4 things I learned about writing and blogging

3 things that make me happy

2 things I hope to accomplish in college

1 thing I learned about myself

(Video version)

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