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Abortion: My final view

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Okay, there are pobably many people who are going to be unhappy with me bringing up this subject again. “But I thought we were all done with this contraversial crap!” you’ll say. Sorry, but we’re not. At least not for now. And I’m not really saying that you have to leave comments, this is just my view, and if you see a flaw, please comment and I will answer you as best as I can. And, if I cannot prove my point, and you prove your’s instead, well, then you will know that you have changed my mind. But let me remind you: my mind is very hard to change; you will have to make some very good arguments for your cause. So, enough blabber-jabber, here it is: the final, unedited, unrated, unsomethinged view:

I think that abortion should be kept legalized because of several reasons. The most important of these is that when it is made illegal, abortions will not stop. Just like what was seen when cocaine was made illegal, and ecsacy, and LSD, an marajuana, abortion will not just dissapear, instead there will be a pluthera of illegal abortions. And illegal abortions will not be sanitary, they will not be performed correctly, and, just as in many third-world countries like Nepal, they will be fatal. And, just to clear something up, I am against abortion. I think that it is wrong to kill human beings, born or unborn. But I think that legal abortion is the lesser of two evils. And I believe in being pro-active rather than reactive. I also think that women have the right to choose what to do with an unwanted baby; it should not be just decided for them. Isn’t that the meaning of freedom, after all? To have the freedom to choose without fearing for our lives; isn’t that the priciple that this country was founded upon? I think that the best way to fight abortion is to be proactive; discouraging it, supplying a pluthera of choices, and, in the case of teenage pregancies, make sure that there is a nearby clinic that can offer counseling and set up a way to put the child up for adoption or put it into foster care. And, I guess if you wanted to be truly proactive, educate teenagers not to have sex. And you know that there are a lot of kids at your school that have sex; ther’s no turning a blank eye to it. The best way to make abortion obscure is not to have the baby in the first place, athough that probably will never happen. There is something about an hour of sexual pleasure that humans are so willing to risk the rest of their lives over. Bloody stupid, if you ask me.

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