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Good Vibes 2k17

I’ve been kind of a bummer all year, huh? Well, in an attempt to put things back into perspective for myself, I thought it might be nice to list all the GOOD parts of my year so far.


Ace and Anxious

  1. Finished post-production! It’s a real thing!
  2. Won “Best Screenplay” at London Indie Fest
  3. Won “Best Comedy” at the Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival
  4. Won “Best No Budget Short Film” at the Wales International Film Festival
  5. Got accepted by a bunch of other festivals as well
  6. Premiered online to an incredibly positive response, especially from asexual Tumblr and Reddit which is validating.
  7. Some members of Tumblr and Reddit asexual communities have thanked me for giving them the media representation that they’re so lacking
  8. Got picked up for distribution by REVRY


  1. Won “Best Original Idea” from the Web Series International Trophy
  2. Got picked up for distribution by SeekaTV
  3. Got nominated at a few other film festivals
  4. Released new extended universe mini series “dusk of the dead”
  5. Was the subject of my first-ever article accepted by The Financial Diet
  6. Was a Stareable Staff pick (BEFORE I worked at Stareable) that screened at their first NYC screening event

General creative stuff

  1. Wrote and filmed a new web series season: Sam and Pat Are Depressed (coming soon!)
  2. Relativity, my friend Chris’ web series I executive produced (among other things), won “Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy” at the Minnesota Webfest
  3. Released the Brains extended universe mini series “dusk of the dead” that I cowrote with my buddy RJ
  4. Promoted to “producer” for my buddy Pablo’s web series Stray
  5. Was hired as a producer for the web series The Mother Lode
  6. Hit 200 subscribers on YouTube
  7. Wrote a new comedy pilot that I’m really proud of
  8. Wrote a bunch of weird short film scripts
  9. Had a super fun table read of a short film I cowrote with my buddy Colin
  10. My Bechdel Test vlog became my second most popular YouTube video of all time (over 2k views)

General personal stuff

  1. Moved in with Quinn in our first solo apartment
  2. Did you hear me? I NO LONGER HAVE ROOMMATES!! (no offense to any of my former roommates)
  3. I celebrated my four year anniversary with Quinn
  4. I made a bunch of new internet friends through the web series community
  5. I made a bunch of new friends (many of whom are FROM the internet) in real life
  6. Discovered the McElroys and all their wonderful podcasts
  7. Saw My Brother, My Brother, and Me live
  8. My friend Ellen came and visited me in New York, after not seeing her for like four years



Obviously more good stuff happened, but it’s useful to see it all laid out. This year started well, and a ton of awesome things happened during it, and I should remember that.

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A very transparent and vulnerable conversation about money and privilege

September was the first month I couldn’t pay off my credit card bill in its entirety. I’ve only had a credit card for a year, having previously only used my debit card, so that isn’t saying a TON, but still. Editor’s note: this is not a pity blog, it’s simply an update. Please don’t panic, family members- I made this mess, and I have lots of options to clean it up. Continue reading “A very transparent and vulnerable conversation about money and privilege”

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Sam And Pat Are Depressed (and just wrapped their first season!)

Photo by Michele Austin

I’ve been complaining all year about not having made anything of my own in 2017, but this weekend, that all changed. Somehow, in less than a month, me and the smallest crew I’ve ever worked on pulled together an entire web series, from script to production. Literally, this show did not exist, even in abstract, two months ago. It’s called Sam and Pat Are Depressed, and I’m really frickin’ excited about it, because it’s totally different from anything I’ve ever done. It’s nine episodes, one room, two characters, and hopefully worth a couple laughs. Continue reading “Sam And Pat Are Depressed (and just wrapped their first season!)”

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Alison Sumner and the Unreliable Narrator

I celebration of Brains getting picked up by SeekaTV, I decided to do something totally unexpected and write about Brains on my blog! I contain multitudes. This is a blog about why, specifically, I’m bummed about not getting more seasons. Warning: spoilers, obviously, so if you haven’t watched Brains yet (or you’re due for a rewatch), why not give it a go, right now, on Seeka?

Continue reading “Alison Sumner and the Unreliable Narrator”

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How Am I Doing?

It’s complicated. Isn’t everything?

April was a rough month for me, and May was a chaotic one. June was a slow burn, in a partially depressing but mostly apathetic way, because not having a structure to my day to day sucks. Here’s to July?

The recent good:

  1. Ace and Anxious premiered online, and did extremely well on Tumblr. All the feedback but two YouTube comments was positive.
  2. Ace and Anxious got into several film festivals, and has three awards under its belt already.
  3. Brains got distribution via Brooklyn on Demand via their website and their Roku app
  4. I got published by The Financial Diet, one of my favorite websites
  5. I was chosen as Filmmaker of the Month for a random website
  6. I moved into a new, better apartment with just Quinn
  7. I met a bunch of wonderful new web series and filmmaker friends in person and online
  8. A Starbucks barista slipped me his phone number on a day when I thought I looked my worst

The recent bad:

  1. I had to stop going to therapy after five weeks because apparently no one in this city with my insurance has open slots
  2. I haven’t produced a single project I’ve written all year
  3. I lost my MTV job at the end of May and am still unemployed, despite working roughly full time hours for Stareable
  4. One of the projects I was counting on for at least SOME money got pushed by several months, so who knows if it’ll ever happen, let alone if I’ll still be available by the time we’re back on track
  5. Did I mention I’m unemployed and haven’t produced a single thing of my own writing all year?

It’s not that I’m saying 2017 has been a shit year, even though it has been for a lot of reasons. But it’s already July and I feel like everything I do is just barely keeping my head above water. I’m not drowning, but I’m also not making any progress, and boy howdy do I hate being unemployed.

I’m doing ok. Better than in April/May, but considerably worse than I was doing last year around this time, because I was just starting my exciting new job at MTV and was mid-production for Brains season 2 and starting to plan the shoot for Ace and Anxious. I know that’s not a fair comparison, but I’m definitely feeling stuck in a way I haven’t been for a long time. Certainly for the first time since being in New York.

I’ve been writing things unrelated to Brains, which has been a nice change, but nothing is connecting yet, so we’ll see where I end the year. It’s also really really hot and humid in New York right now and if I’m being honest that’s probably a statistically significant portion of my bad mood.

However. By and large, the thing I’ve been most proud of this year is this website. I finally fell into a good pattern for the first time in years. Two posts a month plus one video a month seems like exactly as much as I can manage while also allowing for some semblance of quality. My new pal Larry Brody of (hi Larry!) certainly seems to think I’m doing something worthwhile, as he’s been republishing a lot of what I’ve been musing about this year over on his site.

Now if only I could get paid.