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[Day 310] Marooned Week 2: Yummy

Keep in mind that all my survival needs are taken care of, and that anything I want to bring to the planet will work. As for today’s item, yes, I will have water-boiling capabilities and two tablespoons of canola oil handy when I need them. So I don’t want to hear it.

My second item I would bring to my planet (we need a name for this planet) would be pasta salad. The original flavor kind. It’s the best.

Why? As many of you may already know, pasta salad is not my favorite food, although it is pretty far up there. But I still love it. Sometimes I forget how much I love it, but then I remember it’s in our pantry and make it and fall in love all over again.

Pasta salad is kind of my comfort food. The world feels (and tastes!) better when I’m eating pasta salad. It works better than chocolate. Crazy, I know, but I need milk when I eat chocolate, and besides, I don’t feel a giant pang of guilt when I eat pasta salad. I just feel fulfilled.

This is a slightly sillier item than yesterday’s, but it’s important just the same. If you’ll remember, all the way back to Day 122, Bart’s favorite food is pasta salad. Of course, that’s not the reason I’m bringing it to my uninhabited planet, but it is certainly a point in its favor.

I guess in a way, eating pasta salad would make me feel less alone.

One thought on “[Day 310] Marooned Week 2: Yummy

  1. Also a good choice! I know exactly what you mean about the fulfilling feeling! Chocolate makes you feel momentarily happy, but pasta salad stays in your tummy with a continual satisfaction

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