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[Day 314] Marooned Week 6: *manly voice* SPORTS

I swear, this is not an homage to “Castaway”. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen that movie all the way through. I also think Tom Hanks is kind of creepy. So again, I don’t want to hear it.* And just so we are clear, as well as having recharging capabilities, my planet also has the ability to air up sports equipment.

If you didn’t guess from the Castaway allusion, my sixth item is a volleyball. Considering how much I claimed to love basketball back in teeshirt week, some of you may be a bit confused. But fear not, I will explain.

A basketball only really works on hard surfaces. I could hike up to a mountain top and play basketball. It’s also probably a bad idea to hit a basketball up against a house. (Yes, I have a house. I already explained this let’s move on)

Volleyball is something you can play by yourself. A second person isn’t really necessary**. I can set or hit to myself wherever. On the beach (my planet has a beach. DEAL WITH IT), on a hike, by a river, next to my house.

Volleyball also brings back memories. My mom teaching me to dig for spikes and low balls. My dad teaching me to serve overhand. Kenzi and Brittany and “YELLOW!” My graduation party. The list goes on. I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again; some of my best memories are linked to sports, even though I haven’t really played them since 8th grade.

*Interesting how the majority of my blogs start out by my warning people not to complain to me about stuff. Negativity or preemptive action against the internet?

**So maybe basketball can be a solitary sport too, but I’d need a basket and a slab of asphalt and I know I’d get a comment about how that’s kind of a reach considering I’m only allowed 7 items and I’m trying not to use too big of loop holes.

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