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[Day 357] Story Start week 6: Yei

Writer’s note: That’s actually not the title of this next story start, but that’s what the document is titled on my computer and I think it’s funny. This story was actually originally going to be the sequel to Ash, but about ten pages in I realized that Ash couldn’t stand up on it’s own, let alone be the precursor to a series. Also, there wasn’t really anything that I could make a sequel about.

“Ye’ll not get out of this one, ye nasty little vermin!” Spat the sailor as he sped away in his motorboat, leaving me, ankle tied to a cruise ship about forty-seven miles off the coast. I don’t know if the captain of it even knew I was tied to his ship, but if I didn’t get out of it fast, he would, soon enough, when they reached a port.

Not that it would be a problem. It was pathetic, really. He hadn’t even taken searched me for weapons. Struggling only a little bit to keep my head above water, I retrieved a knife from my hair. Disguised as a bobby pin, it was always on hand. Careful not to slice my foot, I sawed at the thin rope until it came off. Before I was left behind in the middle of the Indian Ocean, I clawed the side of the cruise ship for something to hang on to. Finding a wide groove, I swung myself up into it and counted my winnings. Taking out the bobby pins one at a time, I carefully pooled my items: a diamond ring, a small braided bracelet, a pearl necklace, and a small packet of drugs. I could sell the drugs later. Who knew a cargo ship owned by a man who looked like a pirate could be carrying such fine things? It was probably acting as an UPS ship.

I shrugged. Who cares? I got what I needed. Before I replaced the pins with their items back in my hair, I shook it out a bit. It was of medium thickness, I could fit my small fist around it without straining, and a light orange. When it wasn’t wet it was only very slightly wavy, but when it was, like now, it was strait. I looked out behind the ship to where it had come from, the coast of Oregon. I hope this ship was going to go in a circle. That’s where I needed to get back to. I closed my blue eyes and sighed in content. It was the end of a very good day.

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