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I know, I know, I’m obsessed

First off, how do you all like the new logo? I like it, but I think I need a different color for the background, instead of orange. Thoughts?

So I just though I’d share this little tid bit of Jason Mraz with everyone. I found his blog last night and got really excited. But shhh. It’s (mostly) healthy.

“My mom sings in the Choir [in her church] and I volunteered my time to sit in at a later service and do the same. If I believe in any God at all, my God exists in music. I know this because music makes me happy and thatís the point of having a God. God isnít responsible for Wal-Mart or for the War on terror; therefore, I donít blame God. I believe those things happen by people who forget to look up and see what God is. They kind of ruin it for the rest of us. But then again, maybe their God gives them riches and power and that makes them happy, so who am I to judge?”
-Jason Mraz, 2007

What's up, my dudes?