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[Day 101] Holiday Special!

I’m thankful for:

1. My family for putting up with me

2. My friends for putting up with me

3. Star Trek (the new one) Especially Spock

4. iTunes

5. My neighbor’s fish not being dead when I went to feed it

6. My website (really, the internet in general)

7. The Last Days of Summer

8. Liam Aiken

9. The fact that I’m almost done with my senior year of high school

10. Getting accepted into Pacific University.

What are YOU thankful for?

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[Day 72] A memory in place of a nicety

I used to think I was pretty hot stuff. Well, let’s face it, I am hot stuff. But in a different way then I thought I was when I was twelve.

See, when I was twelve, I thought I would be this great lip sync-er. I don’t know where I got this idea, but one day it popped up and I just went with it. Could have been my calling. You never know, right? Continue reading “[Day 72] A memory in place of a nicety”

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[Day 19] Join the ranks of the Komai!

Tamora Pierce appearance
Creative Commons License photo credit: beyond_the_moon

Dear Tamora Pierce,

*insert project details here*

I remember picking up Alanna: The First Adventure while on vacation when I was in 7th grade. I’d never read fantasy before, so it was a new experience. The back of the book looked promising, and the idea of a girl masquerading as a boy appealed to my tomboy attitude. When I finished the first read, I put it down on my bed, thought about it for a moment, and picked it up again. I read it at least five more times in the period of a week. Continue reading “[Day 19] Join the ranks of the Komai!”

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[Day 15] I’m over getting older

Photo 289Lately, I’ve been getting into tea. I didn’t get into coffee until about last year, so I figured that tea, which won’t brown my teeth and stunt my growth, would be a good new habit to get into. So this summer I bought some tea at the local health food store (one kind to help me sleep and one kind to repress appetite) and tried to acclimate. It kind of worked, but I’m sorry, tea just tastes like weirdly flavored, piping hot water. I even tried Chai at Starbucks, but that just tastes like cold egg nog with a kick. Eh. But I really want to like tea. It is the coffee of sophisticated people! In pursuit of my imagined intellectual image, today, instead of my normal hot chocolate, I filled up my travel mug with Earl Gray tea. Continue reading “[Day 15] I’m over getting older”