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If April was bummer month for my blogs and vlogs, I genuinely don’t know how I’m going to categorize May.

May 1st– My first day of unemployment and first day in my new apartment. I tweeted my day for the first few hours because I didn’t know what else to do with myself.

May 2nd: Finally received our new bookshelves, which I built and then Quinn filled. I filmed two videos, and posted one, which was just me trying to sell the Brains posters because I could really use the cash and also because they’re good. You can buy one here.

May 3rd: I went into the Stareable office for the first time. It was strange to be working in an office that wasn’t MTV. It was also strange to look straight at Ajay’s face while I sassed him like the good good employee that I am, instead of just watching the “Ajay is typing” notification turn on and off as he wrestled with whether or not to respond to my nonsense.

May 4th: I got up bright and early and went to Hoboken to film the crowdfunding pitch video for a new web series I’m helping produce. Then I was so bone tired I basically did nothing else for the rest of the day.

May 5th: Worked for a bit in the morning, then spent the evening on set for History season 2. At the end of the night, my phone got hella wet and stopped working. It was not great.

May 6th: After a night in a bowl of rice, my phone bounced back! It was really really good news, because that morning I had to go back on set for History. Then later that night I met up with my old roommates at the Alamo Drafthouse in downtown Brooklyn to see Colossal. I have not stopped thinking about that movie since. It blew my mind. No good pictures from this day because I was so tired and usually holding a boom pole.

May 7th: I went back to Lazy Ibis (my fave coffee shop that was across the street from the apartment I just moved away from) and got more work done in three hours than I’d gotten done in a solid week, so clearly if I want to be productive, I know where I need to go. Then I went grocery shopping and continued working from home, high off my productivity momentum from Ibis.

May 8th: I worked the entire day without a break. First, business call. Then, Stareable flyer designing and general community reach outs for a big launch we’re preparing for. Then, my friend David came over for me to help him with his YouTube channel. We filmed an intro video for him, then he dropped me off at UPS where I mailed the first batch of Brains posters people ordered. Then I walked home and continued working until Quinn got home and made dinner, and continued to work until I realized my food was getting cold. Then I watched The West Wing for the rest of the night before passing out at 11pm.

May 9th: I wrote this blog. And some other stuff.


Point is, this is a very weird transitionary month for me. I don’t have full time employment anywhere, though functionally I work full time hours without getting paid for most of it. I just moved, and I’m readjusting to my new location. I’m dealing with the emotional hangover of a really rough April while trying to also motivate myself to do literally anything creatively productive. I’m also driving myself crazy being home so often, but I can’t leave the apartment because I’m still waiting for packages to trickle in and I have to be here to receive them. I am, for the first time in years, without a routine. Gonna be a weird few weeks, me thinks.

What's up, my dudes?