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Bri’s Own Health: An introduction

If you saw what I posted yesterday, other than the blog about…. whatever it was about, then you know I’m starting a new year-long project. Which is GREAT, isn’t it?

No, it’s not. Because in addition to finishing Bri 2.0, continuing to blog on this channel, revamping my YouTube channel, being a part of a collab YouTube channel with Craig throughout college, and GOING TO COLLEGE, I’m going to have no time as it is.

But we all know I’m an idiot.

So I was going to post this project here, on my website, but then I realized that it doesn’t really go with the theme of the site, and it would be kind of boring and I want people to ENJOY my website. So I created a Blogspot for the project, and a secondary YouTube channel. There are two posts on the Blogspot thus far and no videos. I’ll post a video for it later today.

If you’re interested in following the project, which will be updated near-daily (not as consistently as Bri 2.0), then there will be a little box to the right, where all the other little boxes are, that will link you.

I’m a little nervous about how this is going to work, especially with everything else I have going on, but I’m determined to get healthy. So go look it over, read what it’s all about, and maybe give me a bit of support. Because I would really appreciate that 🙂

What's up, my dudes?