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The Midsummer Station: Review


A couple weeks ago, Owl City’s new album, The Midsummer Station, was released and as a well established fan I of course downloaded it immediately. After listening to it all the way through, I think did the next logical thing (for me) and tweeted about it. If you’ll look at the picture to the left…. OWL CITY (ADAM YOUNG) HIMSELF RETWEETED ME. So I figured it was finally time to make good on my promise for a review. Continue reading “The Midsummer Station: Review”

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Vices, Virtues, and All Things Bright and Beautiful [music review]

You’re getting something of a 2-1 with this post, because I really don’t think I could make a CD review last an entire post. Plus, the title just kind of wrote itself, and I really hate writing post titles (except when I like writing post titles). Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk music. Continue reading “Vices, Virtues, and All Things Bright and Beautiful [music review]”

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Things I’m currently obsessed with

If you know me at all, or even if you just occasionally skim my blog or Twitter feed, you’ll know that I have something of an addictive personality. Once I find something I like, be it a book, a band, a YouTube channel, a blog, or a TV show, I will be completely useless in real life until I absorb all there is to know about that thing I like. Take for example Battlestar Galactica, or sXephil’s YouTube channel. In both cases, I barely thought of or did anything else while I consumed information. I watched all I possibly could, and only when I was finished could I move on with my life and do something like… homework. Or eat.

But because my personality is so addictive, I can only manage to obsess over a couple things at a time, and those couple things change every so often. But because I’m quite proud with how small the list is at the moment, I thought I’d share some of the things my mind has latched onto.


Vitamin String Quartet Betsy made me a CD about a year ago of this band, and ever since, I haven’t been able to get enough. They’re “a group of Los Angeles musicians widely known for its series of tribute albums to rock and pop acts. Their albums are released through Vitamin Records and primarily performed by a string quartet, though other instruments have been used” (Thanks, Wikipedia!) Basically, they cover popular music with only classical string instruments. I recently got an iTunes gift card, which I’ve so far used to buy four Doctor Who episodes and 18 VSQ songs. Their Paramore cover album is fantastic, as is their Coldplay one.

Sara Bareilles Ellen has also started feeding into my music obsession. For Christmas, she burned me Little Voice by Sara Bareilles, and I listened to it almost exclusively the entire week I was in Disney World*. My favorite song so far is Fairytale. Snow White is doing dishes again, cuz what else could you do with seven itty-bitty men?

TV show

Psych This show is the story of Shawn Spencer, the hyper-observant loser who’s never held a job for more than six months. But after he realizes he can solve crimes by watching the local news and calling in tips, he believes his money woes are over. Unfortunately, one of his tips is a little too good for the police to believe that he was just casually watching Channel 8 News and happened to pick out the thief, so in order for them to not arrest him, he pretends to be psychic. He and his lifelong best friend Gus start a psychic detective agency and take on both police and private cases, in which Shawn has to solve the crime and then go back to whoever hired him to pretend to have a psychic episode where he “sees” the answers. It is seriously the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched seasons 1 and 2 (on Netflix, of course) in two days. It’s the perfect cocktail of humor, detective work, wit, and drama. There hasn’t been a slow episode yet.


Posters I seriously need to stop buying posters. Nevermind that I’ve recently had Amazon giftcards to spend and nevermind that the posters I usually find are only like 4 bucks. I already don’t have room at home for any new ones… and now I’m out at college, too. Also, all my recent poster purchases have been incredibly nerdy, and that’s not helping my strangeness case with my roommate. I think she thinks I’m a recluse geek who does all my homework using telekinesis, because I don’t think she’s ever actually seen me working.

HTML website coding Don’t tell me that HTML notes aren’t a million times more epic than any other kind of notes. I feel smart just writing crap like <strong> and <a href=”link” >Link Title</a>. BAM. PWN3D. (If you want to see my work-in-progress HTML website for class, click here.)

*Speaking of Disney World, I have a video edited and ready to go up on the web, but unfortunately I’m still having iMovie audio issues and it bugs me too much to ignore. So I won’t be uploading any new videos until I’ve sorted it out. Sorry!