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[Day 301] BCILAAMTBW Week 1: Harry Potter

For those of you who don’t watch my Twitter updates to the right of this post, for the next week the theme is: Book Characters I Love and Am Meant To Be With (BCILAAMTBW) Week. It’s part satire, part bibliophilia, part discussion of the perfect man. And it’s only fitting to start out with Harry Potter.*

Harry has always appealed to me. Even when he discovered he was the most famous wizard in the world, he still maintained a strong sense of humility and modesty. It would have been so easy to exploit his fame and use it to his advantage, but he never did. And that’s the kind of man I can really get behind. (Don’t be a pervert)

A lot of people speculate that the Harry Potter series got so popular because Harry was essentially an empty character, that he is so open to interpretation that anyone could relate to him. And I can see that; Hermione and Ron (who will get featured tomorrow) both have very strong, obvious characterization, but what are Harry’s defining marks? A scar and a lot of anger.

And this is how I see it: since Harry is so changeable, he’s practically the perfect man for anyone, unless of course you’re one of those people who likes to have a boyfriend to control. But see, I’ve had boyfriends that I can control, and it’s more annoying than anything else. I feel like Harry would stand up to me when I’m being particularly stubborn, but also do sweet things like bring home flowers when he knows I’ve had a bad day.

Bonus points: Our children would have a higher likelihood to be witches/wizards, so I’d be surrounded with all of the magic I could possibly want. Also, I could be friends with Hermione, since we’re practically the same person anyways. (More on that tomorrow)

Final compatibility rating (10 is soul mates, 1 is mortal enemies): 7

*My lovely best friend Rachel helped me come up with the concept for this week. The conversation on Facebook went like this:

Rachel: do “Favorite book characters” week. And feature “harry, harry, harry, ron, edward, harry’

Bri: I’ll have to fit Charlie or Bill Weasley in too… they always sounded hot it the books.

Rachel: put Charlie in instead of edward

Bri: alright. Sweet. I could probably sustain the blog for the next 71 days on just Harry Potter references. And it would never get old (to me and you)

Rachel: heh heh you’re so right. How long has HP been popular? Like ten years? and we’re still going strong with it 🙂

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