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[Day 302] BCILAAMTBW Week 2: Ron Weasley

This is the second of 3 Harry Potter inspired match-made-in-heaven posts. And of course, this week wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of one Ronald Weasley.

People will argue with me that Ron is kind of a wimp. “Look what happened in the 7th book! He ran out on them! He’s a spoiled brat!” Yeah, but he came back and destroyed a Horcrux and helped Harry and Hermione escape from Gringotts on the back of a freaking DRAGON. So don’t talk to me about being a wimp. Have you ever destroyed a Horcrux that tried to turn you on your best friends because you’re so in love with a girl you never thought would love you back? NO.

Speaking of Hermione, though, she’s really why I think Ron and I were meant to be. See, I pretty much am Hermione Granger, and if she and Ron were perfect matches, why not me?

I have the bushy hair, the bossy attitude, the book smarts, the disbelief in things that can’t be empirically proved, and the social awkwardness. The only thing I don’t have is a letter from Hogwarts (darn you, Granger. DARN YOU!)

Ron would be the kind of mate who would keep me in stitches. Remember the epilogue of HP #7? He’s got a great sense of humor, something I value deeply in a relationship. Although he can be insecure (who isn’t?), he also has plenty of moments of confidence. He’d be a loving husband and a great father, and although he’s not the romantic like Harry, he has hidden charms that I’m sure are worth just as much.

Bonus points: We could have red-headed children, who are absolutely adorable. Also, there’s the whole magic thing.

Compatibility rating: 7 1/2

(Picture at top has no relevance. I just thought it was funny.)

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