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[Day 305] BCILAAMTBW Week 5: Edward Cullen

Alright, alright. Get your collective groan out of the way now. Good? Ok. Now take a deep breath. Do you trust me? *holds out hand* The answer is yes. One more deep breath. Close your eyes, and let me take you on a journey… *slaps nonbeliever* I don’t want to hear what you think of the Twilight series! I don’t care! Now shut up and let’s move on with the blog. Good? Good.

This post is less about why Edward and I are meant to be and more about how I’m much, much better for him than Bella. Because I think we can all agree that Bella is kinda wishy-washy sometimes. And she’s really insecure. Not that I’m without my own insecurities, but sheesh, do you have to tell us about them every ten pages?

Edward is a strong-willed man, and Bella is… not. (she’s not really strong-willed OR a man) Edward kind of pushes Bella around, and some critics have even gone as far as to say that he’s abusive (which isn’t true). But I think we can all agree that someone needs to stand up to Edward once in a while, someone other than Alice and Carlisle. Edward deserves a woman, not a girl (aka BELLA).

This is where I come in. I don’t let people push me around, and it will do that 109 year old bully some good to realize that his word isn’t law. It’s always nice to have a confident man, and a man willing to put his life on the line for your pathetic mortal life, but there are realms other than vampire fighting in a relationship.

Bonus points: I love the cold and rain, so moving to Forks wouldn’t be a problem. It would be AWESOME. Also, there’s all the speculation on what my power would be if I were a vampire. Edward can read minds, Bella is super-mature (LAME), so what would I be? I’m a pretty imaginative person, so maybe I’d have some sort of power that would allow me to live out several situations before picking which would be best. Kinda like that Nicholas Cage movie “Next”.

Compatibility rating: 7

(Picture is related because…. Edward is undead? I have no idea. I’m writing all of these at the same time, so I only have the pictures already on my computer to work with.)

One thought on “[Day 305] BCILAAMTBW Week 5: Edward Cullen

  1. Anyone in the world is better than Bella.
    I like the intro, though.
    I’d still think you’d be the best with Charlie Weasley. Lose this man hoe and go with him.kthx.

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