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[Day 304] BCILAAMTBW Week 4: Charlie Banks

Two Charlies in two days! A mini-mini arc! I doubt many of you will recognize this character’s name, so I’ll fill you in: Charlie Banks is one of the two main characters in The Last Days of Summer, my favorite book that I mention in all sorts of different posts. (here and here and here and here and here and here) Charlie is the 3rd baseman for the New York Giants and regular correspondent to Joey Margolis, the book’s 12 year old other main character. And Charlie and I are meant to be.

Charlie is different from the first three book characters this week because he’s not nearly as nerdy. I mean, even Charlie Weasley looks nerdy next to Charlie Banks. See, Charlie is a smart guy, but he’s not nearly as educated. Many of his letters showcase his misunderstanding of certain grammatical and punctuation rules, and sometimes even spelling. He writes like he talks, but he says what he means.

Why I think Charlie and I are meant to be is because we are both strong willed, stubborn people, but we have a lot of insecurities that we’d rater not divulge to the general public. And even though it may not seem like it sometimes, we both truly care about the people around us, and would do anything for them.

Charlie may not know how to play “In the Mood” very well on his saxophone, and he may get drafted (and God knows me and the military aren’t very cordial), but he’s a romantic just like me and would treat a lady right.

Bonus points: professional baseball salary, good with kids, good sense of humor, sense of responsibility.

Compatibility rating: 6

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