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[Day 312] Marooned Week 4: Musica

If you can’t already tell what my next item is, then you’re either stupid or haven’t reached your concrete operational stage of development yet.* And just to clear up any misconceptions that I know are going to pop up, yes, I have the ability to recharge things at will.

Clearly, my fourth item is my iPod. I know most people would bring theirs as well, but I hope that my reasoning is at least a little bit original.

Music for me is more than a distraction. Of course, I often use it as such, because who doesn’t lose themselves in a beat sometimes? But music goes a lot deeper than that, at least for me.

Most of my music is not self discovered. I’d wager to say that at least half of my 1139 songs have either come from a mix CD or were inspired by songs off of a mix tape. And I’d go one step further to guess that half of those mix CDs came from either Craig or Betsy.

Although I associate some books to people, music evokes a much stronger connection. I wrote an entire blog post about how specific music reminds me of specific events on Day 197.

On another, slightly lighter note, I have one more reason to bring music along. I don’t think I could go the rest of my life without being about to dance to “Dance Hall Drug” and “Hospital Bed Crawl”. Let’s be honest here.

*I miss psychology

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