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[Day 313] Marooned Week 5: Keep me warm

People deal with things in different ways. When I’m upset, I either bury myself in Youtube or write. Lately, my mom has been dealing with current events by quilting, something she gave up a long time ago because she was too busy focusing on everyone else.

A month or so ago, my mom and I started designing and creating a quilt for me. It’s very colorful; composed of squares with two smaller, different colored squares within them. We used six different colors of the same leaf pattern to create a weirdly pretty effect with the color combinations. It’s trimmed with a dark blue flannel, which also covers the back.

This is my fifth item, obviously. My mom’s quilt, designed especially for me. It says so much in so little. It says “things will get better.” It says “never give up.” It says “I’ll protect you.” It says “I love you.”

It would be a crime against love and humanity to leave it behind.

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