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“Girl. That’s all you are. A girl.” People use it as a bad word. It’s a gender. Get used to it. What if, all of the sudden, I decided to yell out “You’re such a boy!” How would that feel? Like a pang in your stomach or a slap in the face, eh? WELCOME TO MY LIFE. I can’t HELP being a girl. It’s not like I had a choice. So stop feeding me this crap about being one. Treat me like a person, like a friend. I think I’ve earned that much. And I don’t believe that I deserve to be picked on and shunned for the mere reason of femininity. Not all of us buy into Vogue and Covergirl. Some of us aren’t Barbie dolls either, so don’t you agree that we deserve a chance to show what we can do? Because that’s my hypothesis, and you can choose to agree or disagree. But remember this, the next time you see a girl standing alone on the playground; it’s your fault. She’s there for a reason. She’s a girl.


Author's note: I was in a REALLY bad mood when I wrote this a year ago. But I think it's pretty good, acctually. 

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