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How not to be hated by your barista

My first ever [successful] latte art
My first ever [successful] latte art
Alternate title: Things to consider the next time you’re in a coffee shop.

I have now been some form of barista for over a year, and have been a full time one for nearly four months. It’s not all fun and foamy leaf art, however. Below I have compiled the six categories of considerations for if you don’t want your baristas to hate you. Continue reading “How not to be hated by your barista”

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“The Problem with False Feminism”- A Response.

So there’s an article circulating around Tumblr right now. It’s this one, about Disney’s new animated film “Frozen.” I will state for the record I have seen this film twice and have already pre-ordered it on iTunes for when it’s released in March. I loved this movie. A lot. And like everything else I love in pop culture, when someone criticizes it, especially when those criticisms are largely unfounded, I have to respond. I can’t help it. I’ve been a competitive debater for six years. It’s in my blood. Continue reading ““The Problem with False Feminism”- A Response.”

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[Day 23] I’ll be monitoring your frequencies

Photo 331Last week, I talked briefly about some issues I was having with my alleged harshness. A similar incident occurred today, although with different people. The first time, my primary issue was with someone in charge of me. Today, it had to do with people I was in… command of. (Don’t judge me for that… I just saw Star Trek for the fourth time) Continue reading “[Day 23] I’ll be monitoring your frequencies”

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[Day 16] You Can’t Take It With You

Photo 309So I’ve decided to change Thursdays to “do something nice for someone else”, which is pretty much what I’m doing anyways. It’s just easier to fit things into a category like that, and it makes this project just slightly less selfish and narcissistic. And before I start this post, I just want to suggest that everyone go out and buy the “Nothing Personal” album from All Time Low. It’s amazing. Continue reading “[Day 16] You Can’t Take It With You”

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Ramblings from Oregon

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Because the computers on campus are somewhat inconvenient to get to and to be at, I decided to blog while I had the chance. My writing has been going very well, since that’s basically all I do. I read some, then I am given a general thought and am told to write about it for five to ten minutes. It yields interesting results. Examples: Continue reading “Ramblings from Oregon”