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New Years Resolutions 2017: How I Fared

1. Produce 2 new projects to completion.- Partial Completion

Sam And Pat Are Depressed:

I wrote a bunch of new scripts, helped with other people’s productions that WERE completed, and we’ve got a shoot date in late January 2018 for the next short film, but, well, technically, this resolution was not complete. I definitely meant “produce to projects OF MY OWN WRITING to completion.” But hey, new web series!

2. Finish writing Brains- Complete!

Someday I’ll do SOMETHING with all these scripts, because I love them. But we’ll see.

3. Post a blog twice a month and a personal YouTube video once a month.- Complete!

This is my final blog of the year! And below is my final YouTube video of the year! Losing my laptop for a week put me a bit behind but I finished this JUST under my self-appointed deadline!

4. Write 2 new original pilots- one drama, one comedy- Complete!

Comedy: Dead on Arrival. A misanthropic filmmaker moves across the country to live alone for the first time in her life, only to discover that her new apartment is haunted by the cheerful ghost of the murdered former tenant.

Drama- Fourth Wave. A 25-year-old woman struggles to maintain both her faith and her recently uncovered asexuality in the wake of her divorce with the help of her bisexual atheist best friend, who vows to guide her through her feminist awakening. (tbh I’m probably not gonna do anything with this one, especially because some of the themes I wanted to explore ended up getting explored wayyyy better in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, but still)

5. Edit The Toast, my screenplay. [alternate: write a new screenplay] – Complete!

I did edit The Toast! Still needs some work, but it’s definitely in better shape than before. I also started a new screenplay called Best Supporting Females

6. Work on a set or production that I didn’t write– Complete!

I worked on like a billion sets and productions I didn’t write! I spent more time on other people’s projects than my own, which while disappointing on one hand was a really good experience for me on the other.

7. Leave New York City at least twice.– Complete!

First- Hoboken for a production.

Second- Colorado for Christmas.

8. Make better choices when it comes to diet and exercise.- Partial Completion

Um. So depression and being broke kinda derailed this resolution, but since living on my own I have been cooking more often (and thus making better culinary decisions due to this) and for a little bit I was working out in the morning, but yeah, depression and having an inconsistent work schedule really shot me in the foot here. Technically, I did in fact make better choices than last year, but they weren’t, er, better enough, so I’m not going to make a pity “complete” since I don’t feel I made as much progress as I ought to.

9. Be less impatient with other people.- Complete!

This was a bad resolution and I don’t know why I made it, but I think I deserve a completed tag. I may not have made myself a less impatient PERSON, but I got better at designing situations and expectations where I wasn’t set up to be impatient. I removed the possibility of impatience from the equation and was honestly happier and more productive for it. This resolution also forced me to think “be less impatient” every time I rode the subway and someone was blocking the door or in my way, which I think made me a slightly better person.

10. Go to therapy- Complete!

For five wonderful weeks, I had a therapist this year! Then it turned out she wasn’t covered by my insurance after a certain period of time so I stopped going, and all the people she recommended to me WITHIN my insurance coverage were either not accepting new patients or weren’t available at times I could manage. I’ll be 26 next month, officially out of my mom’s insurance bubble, and so it’ll probably be a while before I’m able to do this again, but I’m glad I did it, even for a little while.


FINAL TALLY: 9/10! (Technically I had two partial completions, but together they made a full resolution, so there!) I actually didn’t do as badly as I thought I would. I came into this blog thinking I’d failed this year, but looking back, I actually accomplished a lot, especially given my circumstances (being broke, being depressed, losing my job, moving to a new apartment, being depressed, etc), which makes me feel pretty darn good.

Check back tomorrow for my 2018 resolutions, and tell me, did you make resolutions this year? How did YOU do?

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