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Don’t leave me now

On Saturday I talked to Bart for two hours while browsing Goodwill and Safeway with Ellen. Then he called me later that night and I sat in the staircase talking to him for another hour. Then he called me the next morning for a little while, just to check up. Just when I start thinking I give him too much credit, he does something like this. Continue reading “Don’t leave me now”

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[Day 135] And I thought I woudn’t have anything to blog about

I'm pushing my luck
I'm pushing my luck

We’re taking a break from holiday blogs for this special announcement: I DID IT AGAIN! HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW, WORLD??

Story time. So pretty much everyone knows the Dylan story by now. It was one of my main motivations in starting this project, and it has almost been completely resolved because of this project. But I’m here today (tonight) to tell you about a different saga that occurred almost at the exact same time, just in an entirely different facet of my life. Continue reading “[Day 135] And I thought I woudn’t have anything to blog about”

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[Day 123] Easy as A, B, C!

I snicker as Shawn throws another bit of paper into the boy’s hair in front of us. We’re supposed to be paying attention to an astronomy lecture, but the constellation of white stars in the black mass of hair is much more interesting. The boy still hasn’t noticed, concentrated on the next origami unicorn he’s making. I’m ashamed of this memory.

When I first met Jenaer, I didn’t expect to talk to him, let alone become friends. He was different from anyone I’ve ever met, and that’s saying a lot. He was quiet and awkward, and I was loud and growing more openly confident each day.

After a year of emails, arguments, outbursts, and silent treatments, I realized that I’d gained a new friendship. It’s not a conventional friendship, and it is in no way always cordial, but it works.

Jenaer gives me a new perspective on life. There is very little we agree on, short of an unspoken mutual agreement that bickering should replace conversation. But he’s always saying something interesting, and I’m always looking forward to it.