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What I’m Thankful for 2017

Boy, this year is trying me, but this is a day of thanks, regardless of origin. Plus it’s a super easy blog prompt to fulfill my second blog of the month.

  1. Quinn, for being supportive throughout my awful year and for being patient when teaching me video games that I refuse to pay attention to on my own
  2. The Good Place, for being such a good show
  3. The web series community, for embracing me and teaching me about craft and career
  4. Twitter, for introducing me to such rad people
  5. SeekaTV, REVRY, and Brooklyn OnDemand for distributing my indie film projects and making me seem more legit than I am
  6. The absence of roommates, because living alone with just Quinn is THE BEST
  7. The McElroys, for bringing fun and humor to my commutes and my dark days
  8. Tumblr, for being so supportive of Ace and Anxious
  9. My family, for being unconditionally supportive and for believing in me
  10. My friends, who in many ways are my family, for keeping me sane and buying me beer when I was broke.

You know the drill, friends- what are YOU thankful for?

What's up, my dudes?