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Art and Douchebags

This is the final section of a larger collaborative project for my video activism class, but Michael (the director) and I (the editor) loved it so much we knew we had to upload it in its singularity for the betterment of mankind.


Alex Hintz- Protagonist/ Narrator
Dion MacDonald- Douche #1
Colton Markham- Douche #2
Bri Castellini- Fallen Artist #1/ Camerawoman/ Chief Editor
Kevin Taucher- Fallen Artist #2
Conner Murdock- Nerd Artist
Michael Henderson- Director/ Writer/ Cameraman

3 thoughts on “Art and Douchebags

    1. Thanks guys! And Rachel… Dude. I know. Also, I need to email you because THINGS have occurred that you need to know about/weigh in on.

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