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Alison Sumner and the Unreliable Narrator

I celebration of Brains getting picked up by SeekaTV, I decided to do something totally unexpected and write about Brains on my blog! I contain multitudes. This is a blog about why, specifically, I’m bummed about not getting more seasons. Warning: spoilers, obviously, so if you haven’t watched Brains yet (or you’re due for a rewatch), why not give it a go, right now, on Seeka?

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Brains EU: A reflection

Mid 2016, a crazy idea came about. I was slogging through Brains season 2 production and already feeling the bottomless depression over likely not getting a season 3 when it occurred to me that the Brains universe was pretty big. I mean, it was a worldwide apocalypse- Alison’s campus isn’t all that’s left in terms of survivors, in terms of people whose lives have been forever altered. And then I chatted with filmmaker friends and family and then it was official: we were gonna do some extended universe spin off projects because I couldn’t let it go yet. Continue reading “Brains EU: A reflection”

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Brains Season 1, a celebration

Come for the cute take on an apocalyptic world and leave whenever you’re tired of the lackluster cast performance or shaky camera.

Hi there. My name is Bri and this is my 10 year old website, and, in the twist of the century, I want to talk about Brains, my web series that is now in the middle of “airing” its second season. The above quote is from a recent review of season 1, and this blog is not a response to that review, not exactly. Continue reading “Brains Season 1, a celebration”

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Harry Potter and the Poorly Executed Film Series part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 of this blog, click here. A lot of the issues I have with the final two movies stem from issues ignored in the previous films, which I highlighted in the first blog. In this blog, I pick apart the final two Harry Potter movies (parts 1 and 2 of the Deathly Hallows) and discuss the things they should have kept true, or at least more true, to the books. Continue reading “Harry Potter and the Poorly Executed Film Series part 2”

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Harry Potter and the Poorly Executed Film Series part 1

This is the first of two blogs dedicated to my qualms with the Harry Potter films, where I’ll be discussing, in depth, the portions of the books that should have been included. I understand that translating books to movies is complicated, and not everything can be included. But that’s not an excuse for the movies to completely disregard the reasons the books are so incredible. Because of what they left out, these movies fell flat of the excellence of the books, and that’s not acceptable. This post will be dedicated to the movies previous to the final 2 Deathly Hallows installments, and the next will be, obviously, entirely about the last two movies. Continue reading “Harry Potter and the Poorly Executed Film Series part 1”

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Art and Douchebags

This is the final section of a larger collaborative project for my video activism class, but Michael (the director) and I (the editor) loved it so much we knew we had to upload it in its singularity for the betterment of mankind.


Alex Hintz- Protagonist/ Narrator
Dion MacDonald- Douche #1
Colton Markham- Douche #2
Bri Castellini- Fallen Artist #1/ Camerawoman/ Chief Editor
Kevin Taucher- Fallen Artist #2
Conner Murdock- Nerd Artist
Michael Henderson- Director/ Writer/ Cameraman

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Insert creative movie-related blog title here

I swear to you I’m trying to do better about blogging on time. I also swear that the quality of said on-time blogging will go up. Ok? Things are just weirdly complicated right now, and I don’t have a lot of time to myself. However, I apparently have a lot of time to consume movies at an alarming rate. In the past week, I’ve watched so many I can barely keep them straight in my head. To help with my quickly deteriorating memory, I’ve made a list of short reviews.

When Harry Met Sally– As if I didn’t already have problems with unrealistic romantic fantasies. This is a dangerous movie to show a single girl.

Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus– If the title doesn’t tickle your fancy, maybe the bad CGI battle sequences and ridiculous “science” montages will. Perfect for the peanut gallery.

Air Bud– A childhood favorite. Also, I miss my dog.

Garden State– Zach Braff can act, write, and direct?? WILL YOU MARRY MEEEEEE?

You Again– That movie about a girl’s former bully marrying her brother years later. Predictable, uncomfortable, and sometimes inadvertently funny. Not something I’d see again, though.

2010: Moby Dick– The hilariously bad retelling of the classic white whale story. Spoiler: the whale can walk on land.

Bolt- SO. CUTE. Still miss my dog.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs– Loved the book as a kid, the movie was meh. Meh.

So yeah.