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Teen Choice Awards! (And why they weren’t actually a “teen’s” choice)

Last night I decided to sit down and watch some TV, no reason except I was bored and there wasn’t much else to do. I turn it on, and lo and behold, the Teen Choice Awards are on, intrigued by this title, I decided to try a bit of it. I mean, I’m a teen right? So why wouldn’t I enjoy them if they’re geared exactly towards me? Well, its not actually an awards show for the average teen boy…

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10 Best Picture Nominees?

Just wondering, what did all of you think about this?

I’m personally kind of torn on the subject. On one hand, having less nominees can be better by making it more exclusive and only the best of the best will get the honor of being nominated. But then again, sometimes these nominees honestly don’t deserve top 5 status, and with more nominees, theres a better chance for more of the the really good movies to get nominated (Ex. Assassination of Jesse James would have gotten a nomination alongside Juno in 2008). So whats your opinion on this?

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Hulk vs. Hulk

Ok, so today I’m gonna be comparing the two Hulk movies that have recently come out, the first one with Eric Bana, and the newest one with Edward Norton.

So I hardly know anyone besides my dad who likes the first one better, but I myself am not sure which one I like better, so I’m gonna compare a few different aspects of them.

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