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Popular. It’s an ugly word. It’s a word we all know. It’s a word some of us live by and it’s a word some of us worship.

What does it stand for? Jock, cheerleader, high status, basically. Also, it stands for a powerful force of mind that can destroy friendships and spirits. Some of the popular status even over-power and over-rule the other “lower-status” individuals, such as myself. It’s not that no one likes us, it’s that no one wants to like us.Because we’re different. We can’t choose. We just are. And that disgusts me. Do you want to know why? Because it’s sick. Because the kids that get picked on still worship, or sometimes, even hate. And some popular status people sometimes feel so powerful, that they bring guns and weapons to school to bring down the population of “nerds” and “unpopular”. Hence, the incident that happened earlier this year. If everyone could just get along, if everyone could like people because of who they are, or because of what they stand for, not how smart they are, or how pretty they are, then the world would be worth living in, for once.

What's up, my dudes?