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The Bechdel Test is the Worst

Above: a feminist with her natural facial expression.
Above: a feminist with her natural facial expression.

I’ve spent a considerable portion of my life telling people I wasn’t a feminist because I was friends with too many men, or because I believed in equality. My journey into the heart of feminism isn’t important now, though, because I am now a woman in the film and television industry and because of this, I hear a lot about “The Bechdel Test” and I feel like we need to clear some things up. (video version of this post at the bottom) Lets jump right in:

Why the Bechdel Test is Actually Not A Good Way to Measure Feminism in Film and Television

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Harry Potter and the Flagrantly Disappointing Conclusion

I know I already posted a blog for today, but in honor of my waiting in line for 4 hours in FULL Harry Potter costume for the final movie to come out, I felt I should at least touch on it. I’ll be posting a video about my night on Sunday on my TheseFolk channel (although I think I’ll be the only one posting this week…) and I’ll also be doing a new 2 part blog series about the Harry Potter movie series, but for now, my initial thoughts.

My Tweet last night at 3am after the movie:

As a fan, the only word to describe how I feel right now is betrayal. #harrypotter

I stand by that assessment. Completely. I was so disappointed by this movie. The first part, that came out in November, was fantastic. It was one of the best done films in this joke of a film series, and I was legitimately impressed. But last night just took a massive crap on everything that was good about the first half of the movie. I’m not exaggerating.

I’ll go into more detail once my Doctor Who blog series is over, sometime in August, because I need to wrap my head around a few things before I do.

Granted, Rachel and I should probably not be able to see movies for the first time together. We’re horribly judgmental and spend the entire time mocking every little inconsistency. And it’s even worse when we’re watching, again for the first time, a movie based on a book that was the summation of our entire childhoods. I will admit that we’re not the best movie-going pair.

But I doubt that even after a second viewing I’ll be impressed. This movie was poorly timed, bizarrely executed, and a downright disgrace to all that makes Harry Potter good. Thanks for the memories, Deathly Hallows, but I doubt I’ll be looking back on the experience with fondness.